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Self Fusing Tape LLFA TAPE

LLFA® Tape is a self fusing tape that can be used to provide a high tension wrap that will create an enduring seal under extreme environmental conditions. It will insulate and seal electrical cable splices where high and low temperature stability is needed, and where moisture, weather and radiation resistance is required.

Self amalgamating tapes have been on the market for many years.  However this new generation product, LLFA® Tape is:

  • Stronger
  • Faster fusing
  • Near to 0% water absorbent
  • Abrasion and tear resistant
  • An extremely good insulator
  • Easily applied, durable and resilient.

LLFA® provides a new alternative in electrical cable splicing and terminating. Due to its remarkable properties, it is also used to repair punctured water, air and hydraulic pipes that are subject to pressure and temperature variants.

For electrical applications:

As a “Class H” material, LLFA® is specifically proven to be reliable within the -90°C to 260°C (500°F) temperature range.


    Self Fusing Silicone Tape for Use in Extreme Environments
    Class "H" insulation
    Exceeds MIL A-A-59163
    Part #: R1-5-8A
25.4mm x 10.91m x 1mm/roll  (1in x 36ft x 0.040in)

LLFA Tape 관련 동영상

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